Dining & Bar

A restaurant can not offer the Cuban seasoning in all its splendor of flavors. Eat at our hostel and you will not regret it.


Varied and abundant. Fruits, Bread, Marmalade, Butter, Coffee, Juice / Milk, Ham, Cheese, Chorizo, Egg, and different varieties of the area.

Mediterranean breakfast
  • Bread / Fruits / Marmalade / Butter
  • Eggs / Ham / Cheese / Sausages
  • Natural juices / Milk / Coffe

Lunch & Dinner.......$10 - $15/Person

Enjoy the best of Cuban homemade food. Traditional dishes with local foods and Cuban seasoning. Seafood, white meat, red meat, vegetarian menu, always thinking of your preference.

Cuban and international food
  • White Rice / Moro / Amarillo / Pasta
  • Pork / Chicken / Beef / Seafood / Fried
  • Beans / Soups / Vegetable Salad / Dessert


Rich drinks with Cuban flavor. You can enjoy it in your room, balcony, terrace or in the pool. Rich cocktails, Cuba Libre, Pina Colada, Daiquiri, Red or White Wine or a simple but refreshing Cristal Beer.

Cuban Drinks and Cocktails
  • Natural Juices, Soda, Beers
  • Piña Colada / Daikiri 
  • Mojito / Cuba Libre